Locals Program

New for the 2019 season, we are introducing our ‘locals program’. This program allows you to pre-purchase points packages that can be redeemed for rental time on any boat in our fleet. Choose from 4 different levels depending on how much you plan to be on the water. Each package includes bonus points making this a more cost effective option than just renting for each individual outing.


Casual Cruisin’
Purchase 100 Points

Gettin’ a liking for this Boating thing!
Purchase 150 Points
(Receive 20 BONUS POINTS - $340 Value)

Rays for Days!
Purchase 200 Points
(Receive 35 BONUS POINTS - $595 Value)

Livin’ on the Water!
Purchase 300 Points
(Receive 55 BONUS POINTS - $935 Value)

Point System

HeyDay WT-2 = 5 Points/Hr

Pontoon = 4 Points/Hr

Larson & Campion = 3.5 Points/Hr

Runabouts = 3 Points/Hr